Collectible Beard Oils

We offer a line of hand-crafted collectible beard oils that are made using only the finest quality ingredients available. We hand mix and hand bottle our own products in very small batches at a time (5 bottles/batch to be exact) to ensure there is no quality lost. You could say our products are made with love and care.

Below you will find a list of all of our products with links containing product descriptions. Along with each of our products, we make a minimum donation of $1 for every item we sell to a Chicago music or art charity. 


Beard Oil Collection #1Beard oil collection #1

Buy Beard Oil Collection #1 for $57.99 + FREE shipping!** (Save $21.48!!)  

(*does not include tax)

Collection #1 is our start up collection. Literally. It’s the original 3 oils that got our business going from the ground up. All of the artwork for the labels was done custom for Masculine Maintenance by Julie Beans. 


Orange gangster beard oil

Orange Gangster (O.G.)- Recipe #1

$22.99 + $3.50 shipping


Spicy Ice Beard Oil

Spicy Ice- Recipe #5

$22.99 + $3.50 shipping


Sour southern gentleman beard oil

Sour Southern Gentleman- Recipe #8

$22.99 + $3.50 shipping


**Prices do not include sales tax

12 thoughts on “Collectible Beard Oils”

  1. Hi Masculine Maintenance,

    I’m very new at looking in to the world of full male grooming as I currently just do what I imagine the average male does, standard shaving, aftershave etc.

    You will have to excuse my ignorance but what are the main benefits of using oils for your your beard maintenance?

    1. Hey Nate! You’re not alone! Most guys out there have not the slightest clue as to what beard oil can do for you!

      Simply put, beard oil will help keep your beard and the skin underneath healthy. It also ads a nice shine to your beard while giving it a little bit a weight to help you style it. Basically… Beard oil is what makes the difference of a beard looking bad ass or belonging on a homeless perso

  2. I have never heard of these types of products. Are they for use or just as collectibles as I see that the art work on the bottles is very nice?

    I can see if you have a beard it would make it look good.I think too often the market misses the mark thinking that men do not care about how they look and that is just not true.

    Very good of you to offer money for a good cause to a charity.

    Do you make this oil yourself? Bottle it and do the art?

    I do not like shaving so maybe soon I will have a need for your product. Thanks for the options.

    1. Hey Barry,

      They are definitely more than just a collectible! Beard oil will help keep your beard looking good and feeling even better. Most people don’t know that their beard doesn’t have to be all rough and scratchy. Your beard is actually SUPPOSED to be oily. The thing is, we wash it and the shampoo causes our hair and skin to not produce oil. This is to replace the oil that your body has stopped producing!

      So again, it will make your beard look better AND feel better.

      Also, o answer your other questions, yes. Our beard oils are hand made and hand bottled. I have a very small team of bearded friends that help me make everything. And the artwork is done by a local artist. We only sell 5000 of each bottle, making them collctible and rare in their own way.

      Thanks for commenting!

      -The Beard Man

  3. This is a really cool product! I love the artwork on all the bottles. It’s definitely something I could see myself putting out for display after using it. It would certainly be a great conversation piece amongst friends. Do you guys have a lot more products planned for the future?

    1. Hey Rob! Thanks for commenting!

      We most definitely do. We’re only selling 5000 bottles of each beard oil. We’re going to continuously release new scents with new artwork. Building it into a collection.

      We also currently make our own beard wax and beard balm that will be for sale within the near future

  4. I’m loving the label designs!

    I’m jealous of all the people here who can easily grow a good looking beard – I’m 31 but still my ‘beard’ is still patchy.

    Is it true that using beard oils can make your beard grow thicker or is this just a myth?

    And also, what’s the difference between the different kinds of oils?

    Thank you

    1. hey simon!

      Thanks! Our artwork is done by local Chicago artists!

      As far as beard growth, there is coconut oil in our beard oil. The reason I started adding coconut oil to it was because of that exact reason. I wanted thicker, healthier growth! Things like your diet and exercise also play a big role too.

  5. I am not able to grow facial hair but I have a friend that always likes to rub it in my face that he has amazing facial hair. I will definitely show this to my friend because this look very interesting! Also this website is very well put together to navigate around easily. Thank you!

  6. Hi there great review on beard oils,even though I don’t grow my beard I know lot’s of friends who do!.
    I would highly recommend this product as I think this is a awesome idea and will make that perfect gift to anyone of your friends that have beards an moustaches.

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